TTrucks and car breakers a company established in the 1980's by then a small trading company, dealing in second hand spares across the board, towards the 1990's the company had acquired some market share in the automotive industry in Malawi, a well known name when it came to quality used parts

Later on towards 1995 trucks and car breakers now started stocking new spares for selected trucks and machinery becoming small masters in the construction industry.

It was not long when in 2012 it was awarded the famous Lister petter dealership for Malawi. The expertise of its founder directors and technicians trained in south Africa and other parts of the world,  was now showing a positive growth on the graph as new ideas were coming into the business and new stock items were added as demand grew in our  developing Malawi.

Towards the new millennium trucks and car breakers started manufacturing hydraulic hoses and acquired state of the art machinery to give a quality product, it also ventured in selling new air brake valves and stocking more machinery spares. it was now stocking more new stock than ever before It meant that there was now room for more growth and from there the company equipment and parts suppliers was formed to deal with heavy machinery and lifting equipment   spare partsrucks and car breakers have been trading in Malawi for over 30 years selling new and second hand spare parts for trucks, cars, tractors, plant and equipment. We have an experienced team of sales personnel available to assist you to identify and locate your requirements.

A wide range of new and used:  body parts, engines, gearboxes, drivelines and differentials, intact cabs, rear bodies, suspension parts, brake parts, starters, alternators, fuel injectors, pumps and many more items including most service parts. We are the agents for fram filters and hold a very large stock of fram and other original makes. We have most of the new generation vehicles for breaking in stock. If you are looking for quality genuine used parts then you are at the right place!
Trucks and car breakers and equipment and parts suppliers are both under one roof and one management.

A successful business run with honesty, integrity and strong principals promises to continue its foot prints in Malawi with now offering a vast range of products from the automotive industry, mining  to the farming and agriculture industry and beyond that  supplying of equipment
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We always offer good quality products at a very competitive price, Low mileage engines and gear boxes and also Complete repairable write-offs at affordable prices call us now
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